How much will my loan cost?

Taking a loan is a big commitment related to meeting a certain need. It is important that you look for different alternatives, compare and choose the loan which best suits your needs and is favorable for you in terms of price: i.e. the costs that you will have to pay during the loan period.

To make it easier for you to choose the best alternative according to the price, you need to consider all expected costs related to the loan in advance.

We grouped costs into several typical expenses for your clarification:
  • Interest: the amount charged on the given loan. This is the cost that the borrower pays to the lender during the entire term of using the loan. Interest is indicated in the loan agreement in the form of a nominal interest rate.

  • Account service fee: when granting a loan, as a rule, a current account is also opened to the borrower. Usually, the service of the account is paid and the commission is fixed.

  • Fees related to the loan: loan issuance and subsequent servicing are accompanied by certain fees (loan approval / loan disbursement fee; loan withdrawal fee; Account service fee).

  • Loan security costs: registration of loan collateral, as well as cancellation of registration after repayment of the loan, are associated with certain costs: real estate mortgage and mortgage discharge costs; costs of registration of pledge of movable property and cancellation of registration of pledge.

  • Insurance costs: when taking a loan, you may need to insure the borrower's health and/or the property presented as collateral, which is associated with an additional cost.