Agri-Insurance Loans

Grow your business and prepare for climate changes

We are here to safeguard your livelihoods through our climate-resilient microfinance initiative.

We recognize the challenges you face due to climate uncertainties.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional microfinance – we’re here to empower you.

  • Tailored protection for your livelihood:  Our climate-resilient microfinance is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your income from the impacts of droughts, floods, and other natural disasters.

  • Innovative agriculture loans with crop insurance: Our groundbreaking approach bundles agriculture loans with crop insurance, safeguarding your hard work and ensuring financial stability during challenging times.

  • Trusted partnership with AIF: We partner with the Agrarian Insurance Fund (AIF), a government initiative, to offer comprehensive coverage against natural disasters.

  • Affordable Repayments: Our goal is to make your loan affordable. With personalized pricing, you can comfortably manage your repayments and keep your financial health in check.

  • Quick Processing and Disbursement: Our streamlined processes facilitate quick loan approvals and prompt disbursement, offering unparalleled speed in meeting your financial needs.

  • Transparent Terms and Conditions: Our offer comes with clear and understandable terms and conditions, eliminating any hidden fees or confusing clauses.

Agri-Insurance Loan gives you access to the financial solutions need

We value responsible lending and base our qualifications on fair and transparent criteria.

  • This loan is for farmers engaged in crop, vegetable growing businesses and having EAIS registration.

  • Loan period: 6- 30 months

  • Amount: 1,000-15,000 AZN

  • Annual interest rate: Starting from 15%

  • Effective interest rate: Starting from 15%

Apply to get a loan with income insurance from natural disasters!

The application process, available both online and in-person, is marked by a risk-based evaluation ensuring fair and quick approval. Upon acceptance, you’ll swiftly receive funds, gaining access to the bundled crop insurance offered in collaboration with the Agrarian Insurance Fund (AIF).

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form.

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    Receive a Call
    Our operator will call you within 24 hours.

  • 3

    Application Review and Decision Making
    We carefully review your loan application to identify lending opportunities.

  • 4

    Once approved, get the funds after the loan contract is signed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the online loan application link and fill out a simple form to apply.

A guarantor may be required. It depends on the applicant’s credit history and the applied loan amount.

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