Like many women in the regions, Ulviyya Aliyeva, was unemployed despite searching for a job for several years. Having no result in her job search, she decided to give beauty services (hairdressing, make-up) to ladies at in their homes. Years later, with her limited savings she decided to open her own beauty salon in her hometown of Masalli.

In 2009, a friend of Ulviyya told her about FINCA’s loans available to women like her who were trying to build small businesses. After receiving a FINCA loan, Ulviyya rented a beauty salon and started to secure a regular source of income for herself.

Having progressed in her business, she decided to improve beauty salon’s facilities through additional FINCA financing in order to serve more clients. It was during this time she hired her first employee.

As her income increased, she decided to expand her business around the beauty salon and to sell bridal clothes. Through additional FINCA loans, she succeeded in this business as well and hired an additional employee.

Now Ulviyya plans to open yet another beauty salon and bridal shop in a different part of the city in order to expand her business as well as create new employment.