Tamila Hidayatova, a resident of Guenshli village in Shabran, is selling yogurt and this way she tries to improve her family’s standard of living. Before that she was a homemaker doing jobs in the yard when one day she had an idea how to help her family by earning extra money.

Her neighbor advised her to apply to FINCA for a small loan to improve conditions on their farm and produce yogurt. “I applied to FINCA and they visited my home and observed the yard and farm, then decided to offer loan to me,”says Tamilla.

It has already has been more than three years since she successfully received financing from FINCA Azerbaijan and recently the organization offered to her more capital “Single call credit.” This time she plans to use the amount of loan to improve the farm and produce more yogurts for sale.

Tamilla has three children and she says that by selling yogurt she helps her family to live in better conditions. She says that FINCA’s support has been essential for her to start this business and to become a person who also contributes to the family’s income.