Seyran Orujaliyeva

Success Together – Seyran Orujaliyeva

Seyran Orujaliyeva has been occupied with carpet-making for 34 years and she also realizes selling of carpets she weaves herself. Mrs.Seyran, who has a great experience in handicrafts, lives with her daughter and 2 grandchilds in Shabran. Her business required raw materials, but due to financial shortage she couldn’t buy enough materials. Therefore she had difficulties in running her business.

For solving this problem Mrs.Seyran came to the Shabran branch and took information about FINCA’s loan products according to other clients’ advices. She was satisfied with credit terms and then decided to take up a loan. Especially simplicity of documetation and requiring of few things pleased Mrs.Seyran.

Mrs.Seyran got FINCA’s loan soon and by the way she had could put in order her business for a short time and begin to develop it. So Mrs.Seyran has increased business places and bought new looms by the use of FINCA’s loans. She is in an opinion of opening new work places and engaging another business field by the drowing in a loans from FINCA again.

Mrs.Seyran has repaired her house and yard, built house for her son, organized her daugter’s wedding, and achieved to realize other life increasing things by the getting FINCA’s loans in different periods.

Mrs.Seyran, attained many progresses by the use of FINCA’s loans, says that she is pleased with FINCA and its staff, and she feels great drawn to the organization. She also wishes to develop her regular collaboration with FINCA future