A Step To The Success

Sarmaya Kahramanova was born in Garatala village, Gakh and at present lives in this village with her family.

Sarmaya who has helped her parents in agricultural works since her childhood had learned methods of preparing dairy products from her mother. She always provided her family members with natural and fresh sour clotted milk, cheese, cream. After getting marriage Sarmaya continued to be engaged in agricultural works.

Sarmaya has a son and 3 daughters; all of them are married now. If a family grows, needs also grow with it. Because of providing needs and increasing life standards, she decided to develop her cattle-breeding business. Therefore she began to search for credits. With that end in view Sarmaya applied to FINCA office in Shaki according to the advice of her friends, who are FINCA’s customers.

Sarmaya who had very little information about loan and its terms chose Commercial Agricultural Loan product, which is proper to her business, according to loan officers’ advice after getting whole information about the loan terms.

After 2 days Sarmaya got the loan amount for the development of her business and bought 10 calfs and sheep to increase the number of cattle. By passage of time Sarmaya’s business has grown, the number of cattle has increased and assurance to the continuously development has arisen.

Ensuring strong and lucky future for her grandchildren by the help of FINCA Azerbaijan is Sarmaya’s main wish and that’s why she has made strict plans about developing her business. She always relies on FINCA’s financial and moral support in this way. Now she has taken her 2nd loan from FINCA for realizing these plans.

According to Sarmaya’s opinion the loan she took from FINCA has helped her to believe to her abilities and it is one of the most right decisions for developing her business.