Marifat Alikhasanova

FINCA Realized My Dreams

Marifat Alikhasanova lives in Burjali village, Lenkaran with her husband, two children and mother-in-law. As the other residents, living in the village, her family also is engaged in gardening, farming, poultry and cattle-breeding. However, Marifat has her personal hobby – she likes to spend her free time on tilling ornamental plants.

Marifat had been attracted by FINCA’s logo consists of the large tree and a young growth at the new opened branch in Lencoran district.

Marifat living with establishing own plant-growing business, heard news about FINCA’s easy and affordable loan products from the other residents living in the same village. Once she decided to visit FINCA’s Lencoran branch with her husband and residents in order to get information about the loan and rules of getting it. Marifat was satisfied with the variety, simplicity and suitability the loan products. Therefore she decided to get Solidarity Credit Group loan product together with a group of villagers. After presenting the necessary documents to the loan officer Marifat could get her first loan just in 2 days. She spent the loan amount on buying cattle and plants, such as palm, lemon, feykhoa, tangerine, ornamental flowers, and by the way she enlarged her business much.

At present Marifat put different agricultural products out and ornamental flowers, she grows, gives beauty to the parks in the different cities of our country.

According to the word of Marifat, who has used the loan products of FINCA Azerbaijan for 3 years, high level of customer services, the organization offers, and kind treatment to the customers made her continue her collaboration with FINCA.

Now Marifat’s main wish is to establish a big farm. In this difficult work she relies on her 2 sons and FINCA’s financial support as always.