“LOANS with GIFT” stimulatory lottery from FINCA Azerbaijan
“FINCA Azerbaijan” Non-Bank Credit Organization is implementing a number of various campaign and stimulatory lotteries within the framework of its loyalty project for clients.

One of these projects is the “Loans with Gift” campaign (“Hədiyyəli Kredit”) – a stimulatory lottery which covers the period of 07 July – 05 September 2014 and that will provide clients with an opportunity to win 256 valuable gifts during this period. All clients who take loans during this period regardless of loan amount will be participants of this campaign.

Lottery prize fund will be drawn twice: the first winners will be selected on 11 August among the clients who take loan on 7 July-6 August, and the second ones on 10 September among the clients taking loan during 7 August-5 September.

Clients depending on their loan cycle (for example, clients who take loan for the second time will get 2 tickets, the others who take for the fifth time will gain 5 tickets) will have a chance to become winners through special program designed for the conduction of lottery.