Baku, December 28, 2023 – FINCA Azerbaijan non-banking credit organization (NBCO) has announced the successful full repayment of its inaugural public bond issued in December 2021. The 3 million AZN bond, reaching its maturity, was entirely paid off, marking a new significant milestone for the financial institution.

This accomplishment underscores FINCA Azerbaijan’s unwavering commitment to financial responsibility and transparency. The timely and complete repayment of the bond demonstrates the stability and resilience of FINCA Azerbaijan’s financial operations.

Mr. Timothy Tarrant, CEO of FINCA Azerbaijan, expressed his appreciation, saying: “We are thrilled to announce the successful repayment of our first public bond, issued in 2021. This achievement is a testament to the trust placed in us by our investors. We are grateful for their continued support and confidence in our institution. We remain dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity and transparency.”

As FINCA Azerbaijan celebrates this achievement, it looks forward to building on this success and continuing to be a reliable partner for investors in the years to come. The institution remains committed to its mission of providing inclusive financial services that empower individuals and communities.


About FINCA Azerbaijan

FINCA Azerbaijan is a leader in responsible finance, serving small businesses across the country with loan products to promote profitable business activity. Launched in 1998, FINCA Azerbaijan is part of FINCA Impact Finance’s global network of 16 banks and microfinance institutions, reaching more than 2.8 million clients in five continents.

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