FINCA Azerbaijan, a non-bank credit organization, held ceremonies marking the official opening of new branches in Balaken and Tovuz, bringing the overall number of FINCA Azerbaijan branches to16.

The first official opening ceremony took place at the Balaken branch and was attended by the Country Director of FINCA Azerbaijan, Timothy Tarrant, along with staff members from the organization and several clients.

In his speech, Mr. Tarrant noted that FINCA Azerbaijan is expanding its operations into the regions to better serve small businesses and entrepreneurs and to increase access to financial services. The new branch enables customers from Azerbaijan’s northwest regions to take advantage of FINCA’s various loan products. The new office will serve customers from the Balaken, Zaqtala, Qax, and Shaki regions.

“We think that it is very important to make finance accessible to the people in the regions so they can develop sustainably. As such, FINCA Azerbaijan is offering a range of loan products to those clients who want to improve their business. Our goal is to provide financial services to people so they can achieve financial sustainability,” Tarrant noted.

FINCA also launched the opening of another branch in the Tovuz region. This branch will be accessible to small entrepreneurs living in the Tovuz, Agstafa and Qazax regions. FINCA Azerbaijan offers a range of loan products targeting the trade, production, service and agriculture sectors. Loan applications can be submitted via landline, mobile phone or by visiting the FINCA Azerbaijan website.

Phone: 055 455 29 29

Mobile App: WhatsApp (055 455 29 29)