FINCA Azerbaijan Awarded for Promoting Gender Equality

FINCA Azerbaijan received the highest award in the category of “Gender Equality Promotion in the Financial Industry – 2018” at the Azerbaijan Microfinance Association’s 2018 annual conference held in Baku on November 22, 2018. The award is recognition of the company’s long-standing commitment to using financial inclusion as a tool to promote greater gender equality in the country.

FINCA Azerbaijan CEO Tim Tarrant accepted the award and remarked on FINCA Azerbaijan’s commitment to greater gender diversity and inclusion: “FINCA Azerbaijan is pleased to be recognized for its long-term efforts to promote gender equality by the Azerbaijan Microfinance Association, AMFA. We recognize that an impactful gender strategy takes committed focus and collaboration from all staff over time. We do appreciate this recognition, but at the same time we also recognize we have more to accomplish, so we have embedded a focus on gender into our strategic vision for the company over the next five years with annual milestones which we look forward to successfully achieving.”

The leading microfinance institution in Azerbaijan, FINCA Azerbaijan serves small businesses across the country with various loan products intended to promote profitable business activity. The company puts particular emphasis on agriculture lending.

FINCA Azerbaijan’s strategic emphasis on gender equality fits within FINCA Impact Finance’s global purpose of providing innovative and impactful financial services to enable low-income individuals and communities to invest in their futures. Worldwide, 45 percent of FINCA Impact finance borrowers are women.