In order to developing habits for saving money and promoting a culture of savings, FINCA Azerbaijan has held the social media action to support awareness initiatives in this field. The action was held through the organization’s Facebook page and during the one month followers of the page were informed about the best practical ways of saving in their daily lives.

10.05.2015 FINCA Saving Tips

The social media action aimed at raising awareness about the importance of saving for people especially for youth and showed the practical 30 ways with simple steps exaplainingn how people can save their daily earnings. During the action each day one poster designed and were published on Facebook page showing simple saving steps in order to reach 150 AZN as a target amount for the month.
At the end of the action, the video was produced to feature the importance of saving in the current financial situation. The video also featured vox-pops interview with different FINCA Azerbaijan clients asking them the possibility of saving 150 AZN each month and what needs they would cover with this saved money.
More information about the action can be found on FINCA Azerbaijan’s Facebook page.