According to the  Annual Financial Audit Report of FINCA Azerbaijan, FINCA Azerbaijan NBCO generated 2,612K AZN of net profit for the year 2021, which continued the positive profitability trend of the company seen during the last years.

During 2021, FINCA Azerbaijan disbursed 42m AZN in new loans to mainly rural clients and grew its loan book by 62%. This business growth was supported by further branch expansion in rural regions across the country. FINCA Azerbaijan plans to continue to improve the efficiency of its operations in 2022 and will also increase its number of regional branches from 22 to 28 by the end of this year.

FINCA Azerbaijan worked closely with clients during 2021 to help them adjust their businesses to a challenging global macro and micro economic environment. The possible impact on client businesses of the global Covid19 pandemic and the homeland war was mitigated by offering flexible loan restructuring to impacted businesses.

FINCA Azerbaijan Annual Financial Audit Report 2021