FINCA Azerbaijan discloses annual audit report for 2022

According to the Annual Financial Audit Report of FINCA Azerbaijan, FINCA Azerbaijan NBCO generated 3,267K AZN of net profit for the year 2022, that continued the positive profitability trend of the company during the last few years.

During 2022, FINCA Azerbaijan disbursed 63m AZN in new loans to mainly rural clients and grew its loan book by 50%. This business growth was supported by further branch expansion from 22 to 25 in rural regions across the country. FINCA Azerbaijan plans to continue growth through improvement in efficiency of its operations in 2023.

FINCA Azerbaijan worked closely with clients during 2022 to help them to grow their businesses after going through challenging global macro and micro economic environment.

About FINCA Azerbaijan

FINCA Azerbaijan is a leader in responsible finance, serving small businesses across the country with loan products to promote profitable business activity. Launched in 1998, FINCA Azerbaijan is part of FINCA Impact Finance’s global network of 16 banks and microfinance institutions, reaching more than 2.8 million clients in five continents.

For more information about FINCA Azerbaijan activities please visit https://finca.az/ or official social media accounts.