Ali Najafov

Advantageous Collaboration

Ali Najafov is a small enterpreneur, who engages trade of cattle. He has been already occupied with this business for 20 years. At present, he lives in Nasimi village in Sabirabad. Mr.Ali was in an opinion of buying new cattle for enlarging his business, but he was in need of additional financial resources. With that end in view, he resort to the Sabirabad branch of FINCA Azerbaijan.

Mr.Ali had got first information about FINCA during the marketing (promation) of FINCA’s officeres in the village area. Then he went to the branch and drew in a loan soon. Therefore he began to realize his plans.

Mr.Ali, bought new cattle by taking up in a loan, has achieved to develop his business. At the same time, inreasing money aids have helped his family to rise life conditions. He is in an opinion of drowing in a loan future, and by the way building new stable for cattle and enlarging his business more.

At the end we can say, Mr.Ali has developed his business considerably by the contracted loan with FINCA and this also has helped to improve his personal life conditions. He always emphasizes FINCA’s support in growing his business; as he says: “I could enlarge considerably my business by the FINCA’s loans and I know that when I need financial support, I can easily take up a loan from FINCA”.