Babek Babayev

Mediators of Big Success

Babek Babayev was born in Gizilli village, Aghdam. At present he engages in selling agricultural products in “Yashar” trade center in Mingachevir. He is married.

In 2003 Babek started to his business career by selling agricultural products in “Mingachevir” bazaar. He had worked as a seller for a long time. Because of increasing needs after getting married, Babek decided to start to his own business. It was expected that Babek chose FINCA Azerbaijan for its lending process which is simple and transparent after investigating credit organizations and banks. He got his first credit from FINCA in 2009, It was FEX loan product in the amount of 1500 $. He had spent this money for increasing products he sell. Then Babek who got development in his business by this way bought QAZ 31 for transporting products and changed his business place from “Mingachevir“ bazaar to “Yashar“ trade center.

Babek who gets successes in his business he had closed his first credit without any delaying and taken his second credit in the amount of 3000 $ in 2010. For having ability of selling more products he spent this credit for buying QAZEL; and according to Babek’s words after this his business increased twice and life standards improved much. He had repaired his house by the profits of his business. Beginning to wholesale together with retail is one of the indicator shows the success of his business.

At present Babek has taken a loan thrice in the amount of 3000 $. He had used the most part of the loan amount for increasing products. Babek also improves his business by selling agricultural products which he imports from Tbilisi.

Babek says that all FINCA Azerbaijan staff is the mediators of the success for thousands of people like him. According him FINCA Azerbaijan is the first credit organization to trust for the people who are professional in their businesses and want to get more success.