Aybaniz Nuriyeva

I earned positive emotions with FINCA

A resident of Astara city located on the southern part of Azerbaijan Aybaniz Nuriyeva have just obtained her second loan.

Aybaniz Nuriyeva, 47 years old, has been selling fruit and vegetables in the Central market of Astara for more than 20 years. Vegetable trade was becoming her business year by year. Mrs. Aybaniz always gladdens her customers with the fresh and colorful products at suitable prices not depending on the weather and seasonal condition. Spending most of the time in the market, Mrs. Aybaniz is helped by her husband in domestic and small household affairs. Knowing the desire of Mrs. Aybaniz to capitally repair a house, other businessmen cooperating with her together suggested her to apply to the sub-branch of FINCA Azerbaijan Non-banking Credit Organization operating in Astara to take a loan under the acceptable terms.

After getting information about the loan products and terms from the credit officer, Mrs. Aybaniz selected the appropriate loan product and attempted to take a loan for the first time. Mrs. Aybaniz introduced all the necessary documents to Astara sub-branch by establishing a group contained of 4 persons. And she was invited to the office to receive her Rural Loan Product in a short time.

She spent her first loan on the house repaire and purchase of new products. “I feel a sense of gratitude towards FINCA Azerbaijan for the positive emotions that bestowed me by entering the renovated house with the pleasant atmosphere after the work”,- Mrs. Aybaniz remembers her first loan.

Preparing for the wedding of her daughter, Mrs. Aybaniz has taken her second loan from FINCA recently. She is planning to spend the received loan on the purchase of household appliances to make her daughter a gift. She admits the received credits from FINCA not as the risk, but as the emergence of new opportunities and symbol of the growth in the human’s life.