It was one Sunday morning. Resident of Sumgayit city Aslan woke up early as usual. Unlike other days he couldn’t get on his feet that morning. Thus, 9 days prior to that morning he broke his leg during unloading freight from truck by falling into the pit on the ground left by wheels. Due to this situation Aslan was not able to earn money. Looking out the window when he was seeing his truck standing idle, he was very sorry. He worried about one issue. Aslan took a loan in amount of 5000 USD from FINCA. Previously he took loan several times from FINCA and made all his repayments on time. Aslan was very pleased for working with this organization. He could develop and strengthen his business and met all financial needs of his family because of efficient use of taken loans. And now despite the fact that there were still 15 days left until repayment date he worried about falling into arrears. News from yesterday on devaluation raised concerns in his thoughts. Aslan was the only person working among family members. He was the person that was working all day long in order to earn some money. But the condition of his leg and increased monthly repayment due to devaluation was making him to feel uncomfortable. Even he had a little bit savings Aslan was not confident about situation.

Very next day Aslan approached FINCA even he could barely walk. After listening to him very carefully FINCA employees informed him that they will do their best to support him. Conversations in FINCA were the reason of great hope that Aslan had. He involved one of his relatives to work on truck. And upon improvement of condition of his leg, he started to work himself. The call from FINCA turned his hope into faith. FINCA extended his loan term and decreased the amount of monthly installment. It brought high spirit to him. He started to work with much more enthusiasm and started increasing his income. He was paying his monthly installments ahead of schedule and at the same time he was collecting savings. He was able to buy the second truck in August by using his own savings. He was working on one truck and involved his unemployed brother to work on second one. He increased his income because of second truck and hired his brother as an employee. He was thinking about applying for a loan to FINCA in order to improve the condition and documentation of his trucks.

Aslan was very thankful to FINCA. Because of faith and hope that FINCA gave to him, he wasn’t down but still kept going and was successful in development and strengthen of his business.