Only One Decision and Stable Success

Agasef Jafarov is a small enterpreneur, who lives in Nizami Street in Shirvan. Mr.Agasef worked as a teacher before, but from 1998 till now he has engaged in the trade of fruit and vegetables. Mr.Agasef, who wanted to enlarge his business and to make better his family’s life conditions, had difficulties in realizing his plans because of financial shortage.

Mr.Agasef had first information about FINCA during the loans officers’ marketing when the Shirvan branch of FINCA Azerbaijan was opened. Mr.Agasef, who thought that FINCA’s terms were suitable, had decided to take up a loan after visiting Shirvan Branch and taking additional information about FINCA’s terms. He emphasizes especially that there weren’t any bureaucratic problems while he took a loan.

Mr.Agasef, who enlarged his business with a loan he took from FINCA, has increased considerably his business’s turnover and the diversification of products. These changes have caused to rise his profit and it also is a reason for increasing life conditions. In addition, Mr.Agasef pays cash to wholesalers for buying products; so wholesalers sale their products cheaper than selling with a debt and this helps to him for decreasing his expenses.

All of these changes have inspired Mr.Agasef to enlarge his business more; at present he is in an opinion of developing his business by the loans which FINCA offers.

As a result, we can say that the loan, which Mr.Agasef drew in from FINCA, has helped him to develop his business and to make better his family’s life condition, as he said: “FINCA Azerbaijan always helps people who are occupied with small business by the transparent and quick services”.