Adisey Poladov, a resident of Gusar’s settlement Samur, is producing furniture items in his personal workshop. His handmade furniture can be found in many the houses of many families living in this settlement.

Samur settlement is about 200 KM away from the capital city Baku and located close to the border with Russia. Adisey has been engaged in furniture making from a young age, but he did not have enough money to buy the necessary equipment to expand his business. One of his close relatives advised him to apply to FINCA for a loan.

“FINCA welcomed me well, and when they knew that I had a small business they decided to offer me a loan. I bought equipment and some materials for my small workshop,”-says Adisey. Four years after receiving his first loan from FINCA Azerbaijan, he’s managed to improve his workshop to better conditions as well as increase the quality of furniture that he produces.

Adisey has three children and he says that he makes a living solely through furniture making. He credits FINCA Azerbaijan’s great support for him in meeting his financial needs during these years which have been critical for him.