3 steps to consider before taking a loan

What is a loan? - A loan is an amount that the borrower receives on the condition that the borrowed amount will be repaid within a pre-agreed period and according to a pre-agreed schedule in stages or at once, usually along with the accrued interest.

Borrowing gives the opportunity to finance your goals: start or develop a business, get education, buy or renovate a house, etc. but at the same time it is a very responsible decision.

Here are 3 steps to consider before borrowing money (before taking a loan):
  • 1

    Decide why you need a loan: For your business? home improvement? Education?

  • 2

    Understand the costs: How much interest will you have to pay?

  • 3

    Look at alternatives. FINCA cares about you. Find the best loan for your goals – and we are confident, that will be with us!