FINCA Azerbaijan milestones

FINCA Azerbaijan is established to provide responsible access to finance for low-income entrepreneurs to support their business activities and stimulate economic growth.

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan registers and licenses FINCA Azerbaijan as a non-bank credit organization providing micro-credit to clients across Azerbaijan.

FINCA Azerbaijan grows to become the leading Microfinance Institution in Azerbaijan serving more than 150,000 active clients with 65 branches operating across the country.

The Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) announces FINCA Azerbaijan as the award recipient for best institution in building and sustaining client loyalty.

FINCA International formally establishes FINCA Impact Finance, a network of 20 banks and microfinance institutions operating on five continents. FINCA Impact Finance delivers a double bottom-line of profitability and positive social impact.

During 2022, FINCA Azerbaijan disbursed 63m AZN in new loans to mainly rural clients and grew its loan book by 50%. This business growth was supported by further branch expansion from 22 to 25 in rural regions across the country.

Over 1.1 million loans totaling over 2,2 billion AZN of micro loans have been disbursed by FINCA Azerbaijan to Azerbaijani farmers, small businesses, and rural households during the past 25 years.