April 2016

Tamilla Hidayatova

April 27th, 2016||

Tamila Hidayatova, a resident of Guenshli village in Shabran, is selling yogurt and this way she tries to improve her family’s standard of living.

Mardan Feyzullayev

April 26th, 2016||

Mardan Feyzullayev, a resident of Shamaxi, has been engaged in beekeeping for many years. He had hoped to expand his business by creating a small workshop where he can make his own boxes for beekeeping.

February 2016

FINCA Azerbaijan received the award

February 1st, 2016||

The Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) has announced that FINCA Azerbaijan is a winner of the nomination of the “Best institution in building, sustaining client loyalty in post-crisis period.”

December 2015

November 2015

Aslan Osmanov

November 20th, 2015||

It was one Sunday morning. Resident of Sumgayit city Aslan woke up early as usual. Unlike other days he couldn’t get on his feet that morning. Thus, 9 days prior to that morning he broke his leg during unloading freight from truck by falling into the pit on the ground left by wheels.

Elshan Cahangirov

November 20th, 2015||

Elshan Cahangirov is engaged in trade of fruit and vegetables in “Goods bazaar” at Sumgayit city. He mainly whole selling here imported vegetables from Russia and Iran.

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