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Adisey Poladov

April 27th, 2016||

Adisey Poladov, a resident of Gusar’s settlement Samur, is producing furniture items in his personal workshop. His handmade furniture can be found in many the houses of many families living in this settlement.

Tamilla Hidayatova

April 27th, 2016||

Tamila Hidayatova, a resident of Guenshli village in Shabran, is selling yogurt and this way she tries to improve her family’s standard of living.

Mardan Feyzullayev

April 26th, 2016||

Mardan Feyzullayev, a resident of Shamaxi, has been engaged in beekeeping for many years. He had hoped to expand his business by creating a small workshop where he can make his own boxes for beekeeping.

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